Rising Hybrids in the West Coast

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With the advancement of technology, there has been an emergence of a new type of vehicle. A vehicle that offers better gas mileage, and produces 90 percent less emissions than combustion engine vehicles. All of this while giving the driver all of the most up-to- date technology inside the car. With technology advancements every year, hybrids are able to offer more power while draining less gas.

Self-image has factored into the decision making process. People that purchase luxury cars want the public to see them as rich and successful, while minivans portray a family friendly image. Hybrids however portray a new image to people, an image that has never been seen before the last decade. They portray a socially responsible person along with sophistication.

However, most companies have had a difficult time with hybrid sales. Toyota has found the formula to produce better numbers than every automaker in the industry combined by using the last decade to transform the company image. Lexus is included in their sales since they are a joint company, but they only take part in a fraction of their sales numbers in 2012. However, electric vehicles are not included in the data.

Toyota has generated staggering numbers because they have had years of experience over other automakers. People trust them, when it comes to hybrids. What is the first vehicle you think of when you think of a hybrid? Additionally, the automaker that people buy from first will factor into their decision for the future. For example, if a new consumer enters the market and purchases any model from Toyota, they are more likely to purchase another vehicle from them than other automakers. The Prius is in it’s third generation, so it is more likely that a first generation Prius owner will buy a third generation Prius if they are in the market for one.

The Toyota Prius has sold over a million units worldwide, and three of Toyota’s models are the top five hybrid selling models in America. However, sales are mainly generated from the West. People that live in the West coast tend to be more environmentally friendly, especially in California. Nine of the top fifteen cities for hybrids are in California, taking up 64.4 percent of hybrid sales in the U.S. Coming in second is Oregon, taking up four of the top fifteen spots, equating to 25.05 percent of the hybrid market.

Hybrids will own the majority of the market as long as gas prices begin to increase along with emissions output.



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