The Electric Truck


Recently, meaning in the past few years or so, a new name emerged in the truck/SUV market. VIA (pronounced veeyah) is the first automaker to produce a line of electric trucks, vans, and SUV’s. It was interesting to learn that the President of VIA Motors is none other than a former GM Executive, Alan Perriton. Along with Bob Lutz, a current GM vice-executive, they are changing the face of the gas guzzling machine.

Talk about a load off America’s backs. Everyone loves a big car but it came at a cost. Now a VIA Truck owner can drive casually around town, solely powered by electricity. The Trucks still have a gas tank, but this gas will power the electric engine for up to 300mi. VIA Motors also released a SUV called the Presidential and a Cargo Van called the eREV.

The first of these cars to roam the streets will be Verizon Fleet Cars. Verizon purchased these vans with hopes to improve emergency and outage response in situations such as Hurricane Sandy.

The general public/consumer deliveries are anticipated to begin this year. The 3 products took storm at the Detroit Auto Show and have been a hit ever since. With popular demand, VIA created a pre-order form on their website. A truck/SUV starts at $79,000 plus a $1,000 reservation fee and comes in white, black and red.

You may say, “uhhhh holy crap, thats a new ferrari,” but when you need the space and capacity of a truck, this company will make it worth your while. Maintenance savings increased 3 fold due to the infrequent use of the gas engine. The vehicles’ regenerative braking system generates electricity through an electric motor. Gas prices are expected to surpass the $5 mark in the next 8 years, but with VIA Motors, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Well what about the style? I assure you, the cars don’t even come close to resembling a Prius. There’re is a reason why the VP and former executive are part of this company. They take the class and style of GM’s most popular brands and electrify them. The X-Trux is designed after the Chevy Silverado, and is still a powerful hauling machine with 800hp of electric torque.

VIA Motors is currently the winner of the Green Truck Award. They are the start of the future in car manufacturing. Not only do they provide eco-friendly trucks to the average consumer, but they also adhere to CAFE standards (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) which so many companies struggle to maintain with their fleets. Hopefully, other SUV/truck companies will expand in this direction, as VIA Motors sets a prime example of how things should be done.


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