SUVs and Trucks Are Driving Off

Trucks and SUV’s have come a long way since the origin of the car. Not only in comfort, design, and safety, but most importantly fuel efficiency. It will be interesting to see how long the combustion engine will stick around in the industry.

GM: Raising the Standard
First and foremost I focused on GM, their journey in the automotive industry has been bumpy, but thankfully, their suspension kicked into gear and they managed to drive away smoothly. Their most important accomplishment is their transformation from environment killers to recycling leaders and for that GM, you deserved your Golden Chalice.

Ford Fully Boxed
Fords marketing their trucks in a way that hits the heart and wallet of every type of truck consumer. Firefighters, plumbers, farmers, electricians and etc., are all targeted in their WE OWN WORK campaign. They have built a nation of loyal consumers through social media and use of celebrity faces such as Toby Keith and Mike Rowe.

Jeep Nation
Jeeps have evolved beyond the off-road vehicle and are now purchased by a wide variety of consumers. By improving quality and the interior cabins of their vehicles the cars now roam the streets more than ever before. These off-road SUVs are now on the border of luxury vehicles, and with their custom designs, a luxury status is achievable for a pretty penny.

From SUWs to SUVs
This post explains the appeal of Subarus in snow packed towns. Not only do they haul in the snow but they are the most minimal SUV on the market today. The citizens of Boulder, CO choose Subaru.

The Electric Truck
GM has partnered with a new brand in the market today, VIA Motors. They have taken the technology of the electric engine and produced a product to power a truck the size of a Chevy Silverado. They have re-made the 3 most prominent GM models and electrified them. VIA Motors automobiles are currently available for pre-order, which include a van, truck, and SUV in three colors.

The Truck and SUV companies were very entertaining to research, as all companies are striving to reach the cutting edge status of the sector. The design and fuel effieciency of these vehicles are constantly changing and in the largest ways in the past decade as gas prices are extinguishing sales of most companies.

It was a pleasure to inform you all about this topic. See you all at the next auto show!


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