Not Lasting Long Enough? Try a Hybrid

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 11.59.09 AM

Hybrid cars are changing the way people travel. They can go further and spend less. With the rising of demand for fossil fuel, prices have risen resulting in higher gas prices.  The switch to a greener planet has automakers planning for the future.  People want socially responsible cars without losing out on the luxuries offered in non-hybrids.

In response to rising gas prices, Toyota introduced the Toyota Prius, the first hybrid available to America. Hybrids use less gas and produce fewer emissions than the regular combustion engine vehicle. Toyota’s early start on hybrid production has given them the lead in the hybrid race, while Ford is slowly making a comeback.

Hybrids are different; therefore the marketing strategy is different as well. Toyota markets their hybrids by showing an environmentally friendly vehicle. Offering no details about gas mileage or awards, they show the consumer it is a hybrid rather than tell. Ford on the other hand, talks about its awards and gas mileage in their commercials. They prefer to stick with their marketing strategy they do for every model, and it has worked out recently.

Not everyone is into hybrids as much as people in the West coast are. Of the top ten cities for hybrids, ten of them reside in the West. California accounts for more than half of the hybrid sales in America, with Oregon taking up a quarter of the sales. Self-image is part of the reason why hybrids are so popular in the city of angels, they want to seem socially responsible and educated.

Why are automakers entering the hybrid market? Besides governmental regulations, the hybrid industry has generated over a billion-dollars, and that’s just from Toyota sales. If one company is able to generate that much money, it’s going to get plenty of attention. Even though they cost more for producers and consumers, Toyota has constantly managed a profit while Ford has just begun making profits off of hybrids.

Hybrids are the future, with global warming everyone wants to do their part to help reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing a more eco-friendly vehicle can lower GHG while saving money. Who doesn’t want more money in their pockets?

Unfortunately, I will discontinue this post due to other obligation. It has been a pleasure informing everyone about the hybrid industry.


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