A Bid Adieu To Luxury

I would like to present a “Bid Adieu” to the luxury cars category for the present time.  In the future, I do intend on having many of the fine vehicles that we have discussed here at Whips and Tips.  Besides muscle cars, no other cars touch my heart as dearly as luxury vehicles.  Some of my favorite that I have discussed are:

The Eccentric Electrics were my favorite type of luxury cars to research.  I enjoy the idea that one is able to have an emissions free vehicle that also has a bit of an edge.  Companies like Tesla Automotive are leading the way towards creating a more sustainable future for luxury cars.  Other mainstream companies like BMW and even Rolls Royce have begun to tinker with fully electric vehicles.

Luxury cars produce an image  that other vehicles simply cannot attain.  The work that companies like BMW, Audi, and Jaguar put into marketing their vehicles is extensive.  Furthermore, the resources that these companies put into developing a finely tuned machine is worthy of attention.  Luxury cars have the unique ability to market themselves solely from driving.  Their looks, speed, and elegance combine to create a head-turning appeal.

Finally, I looked at the former king of luxury, Lincoln to examine what they are doing to gain dominance over their competitor Cadillac.  The two companies took very different paths to re-brand themselves.  Cadillac choose to create edgy sedans with Lincoln based their design on sweeping, smooth lines.  I feel that Lincoln has taken a step in the right direction by moving away from the Town Car.  While I still would prefer to purchase a Cadillac, perhaps one day Lincoln will be able to produce a vehicle as beautiful as the Continental Mark II:

It has been an enjoyable ride writing this blog, I will surely miss the pun’s that we all so creatively enamored.  But just as every end has a new beginning I am sure that this is not the last blog that I will write.





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