Weekly Recap of the Entire Blog

Hey everyone,

I think that I can say that we have all enjoyed our blogging time here at Whips and Tips.  We talked about all kinds of cars, companies, and trends in the automotive industry.  But not that its over I have a few things that I want to say:

I’m not sure as to whether or not we will continue to post on our Whips and Tips Blog.  But if we ( and by we I probably mean me, Jack Cody) do, you can bet that it will be as good as ever.  Perhaps it will be even better than the first go around because I will be able to post about things that I  think are funny.  Things that others may get offended by.  Like dogs who ride horses:

Dog riding a horse! Dog riding a horse!

Or this guy:

Sydney, Trish, Matt B, and Matt T. you all are more than welcome to post things.


I think in the future I would like to see this blog turn into a consulting company for the automotive industry.  Future plans of ours(mine) include building a relationship with Xzibit so that we can put laptops in our cars so that we can Blog on Whips and Tips while riding in our Pimped out Whip.

Wait that’s right, they have iPhone’s now.



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