A Bid Adieu To Luxury

I would like to present a “Bid Adieu” to the luxury cars category for the present time.  In the future, I do intend on having many of the fine vehicles that we have discussed here at Whips and Tips.  Besides muscle cars, no other cars touch my heart as dearly as luxury vehicles.  Some of

Pick O’ The Week

Hey Ya’ll, The pick of the week comes as a surprise.  I never thought that I would have chosen a Lincoln as the Pick O’ The Week, much less a car that I myself wrote about. I feel Lincoln deserves some recognition for radically revamping its product line.  The Lincoln Town Car was once synonymous with 6 O’ Clock

Golden Chalice Award

Hey Bloggers, This week the Golden Chalice Award goes to a legacy name in the sports car industry.  Porsche has been able to consistently deliver performance from its cars with sporty designs to match.  I’m sure that its new business strategy will help the company to thrive even more. Cheers!  

Weekly Recap

Hey Followers here is what we discussed this week: Monday:  Negotiating a car deal.  You are much more likely to negotiate a car of lower value compared to a luxury vehicle.  This is because persons who can afford higher end vehicles can spare an extra 2-3 thousand dollars.  Tuesday:  The hybrid car industry does over

Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln Motor Company, a subsidiary of Ford has found themselves between a rock and a hard place in recent years.  There sales have decreased dramatically compared to Cadillac,  their primary domestic competitor.  Overall they capture approximately 5.4% of the luxury market.  Of these person, the average age of purchase was 65 years of age.

Pick o” The Week

The Pick o’ The Week goes to another SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and its 3.0 Liter V6 diesel engine.  It achieves over 30 mpg on the highway with the help of some pretty neat features. The suspension automatically lowers the car when it detects the vehicle is moving 55 mph or more.  This allows