Safety in the Modern Age

Fuel economy standards are rapidly increasing in the United States. As a result we have to alter the composition of our vehicles toward smaller and lighter bodies. The link between these compositional changes and safety has the potential to dramatically alter the costs of saving gasoline. A new empirical model of accident fatality risks combined

China – Taking the Automotive Industry to New Heights

Automobile manufacturing took a hard hit in the United States near the turn of the century. There have been numerous bailouts of GM in order to save the manufacturing industry here at home. However, in other parts of the world automobile manufacturing was flourishing. For example, countries like China have been steadily increasing their production

Marketing the term “MPG”

Do consumers really seek higher MPG automobiles? At least two companies think so. Ford and Toyota have developed marketing campaigns, and have devoted more resources into research to improve the miles per gallon each vehicle receives. Getting more miles per gallon limits the amount of times you have to go to the gas station, hence