SUVs and Trucks Are Driving Off

Trucks and SUV’s have come a long way since the origin of the car. Not only in comfort, design, and safety, but most importantly fuel efficiency. It will be interesting to see how long the combustion engine will stick around in the industry. GM: Raising the Standard First and foremost I focused on GM, their

Jeep Nation

Earlier today I was wondering how much profit can a SUV company make if they send their production overseas.  Turns out that labor costs in China has rose significantly and California production costs are only 10% more. Is it worth it to produce overseas with shipment costs and rising labor costs? I’m starting to think not and

Weekly Recap: Winning the Market

If you didn’t notice already, this weeks theme focused on the marketing techniques car companies use to get you to buy their product. Here’s a quick recap: Monday “Marketing the Term MPG” compared the Toyota Motor Corporation with Ford and analyzed the different approaches the two companies take toward hybrid advertising. Toyota advertises through research