Hasta la Vista, Sports Cars!

Sports cars are an influential part of our society, and innovative automakers have procured a large fan base of lifetime customers.  Many of these people are just car enthusiasts, while others have strong preferences to particular makes and models.  In blogging the past five weeks I have highlighted some of the industry leaders in sports

Porsche: Strategy 2018

Porsche has long been the sports car industry leader in profit margin levels, exceeding those of their direct competition by a healthy ten percent.  Matthias Mueller, the new CEO of Porsche, has implemented “Strategy 2018” to keep profit margins high amid the unstable market.  Porsche’s goal is continued growth by value added investment opportunities and

The Most Iconic Car Manufacturing Plant: The Ford Rouge

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic sports cars in American history, and “The Rouge,” the factory where the car originated, is a model of a well-planned and flawlessly executed manufacturing plant. The Rouge has had its share of tribulations since its creation in 1915, but Henry Ford’s vision has carried through, and

BMW: Branding Outside of the Box

We have all seen or heard commercials for cars featuring the “zero money down, zero percent APR financing.” These generic, commonly used advertisements are ineffective and establish negative branding.  Profitable, effective marketing strategies aim to establish a differentiator for their brand.  Appealing to the consumers senses in one form or another in order to create

Social Responsibility: The Most “Eco-Friendly” Automaker

Whips and Tips has focused on environmentally friendly practices in the automotive industry this week.  It is a growing concern among consumers, manufacturers, and the government to implement business practices that promote environmental health and overall sustainability. Sustainable means using the natural resources we have today as efficiently as possible so that generations to come

Lotus Elise Raises the Bar for Eco-Friendly Cars

Regulations and mandated emissions have posed a challenge to carmakers in manufacturing a car the meets the heightened requirements, while keeping costs low, and satisfying the ever more environmentally conscious consumer.  The challenge is creating a car that is not only environmentally sustainable, but sustainable for the auto maker. Companies have struggled to produce an