We are a group of juniors and seniors who attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. We are all in a business related major who share a common interest in automobiles. It is our hope that you find this blog not only useful, but enjoyable to read. The following contributors and their car classes are listed below:

Matt Brand– Economy Cars

This type of car offers the most basic form of transportation, and is the cheapest alternative to other vehicles. Many companies develop marketing campaigns around the price and MPG that this type of vehicle offers.

Matt Tram– Hybrids

With the increase in demand for environmentally friendly cars, manufacturers are beginning to produce more hybrid vehicles. Instead of the normal internal combustion engines used in gasoline vehicles, hybrids use a mixture of gasoline engines and electric engines to give better gas mileage.

Sydney Young– Sports Cars

This type of car has established an important role in our society and culture today, creating a competitive environment for the makers of these cars. Car companies have adopted a variety of strategies to differentiate their cars among the rest on the market. Some strategies have proven to be more successful than others, yet the greatest challenge within the sports car industry continues to be branding.

Trisha Krystman– Trucks / SUVs

It is a well-known fact that an SUV or a Pickup will empty your pocket and gas tank before you even leave the gas station. Gas prices are still on the rise, yet these cars are appearing on the streets at an increasing rate. What makes these cars so appealing and how do producers manage to sell these in such large quantities?

Jack Cody– Luxury Cars

Vehicles are about much more than moving from point A to point B. The extras such as horsepower, leather, wood finishes, and size are all meant to show some level of affluence. Many large vehicle manufactures like Ford, GM, and Honda carry luxury brands under the names Lincoln, Cadillac, and Acura respectively.




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