Not Lasting Long Enough? Try a Hybrid

Hybrid cars are changing the way people travel. They can go further and spend less. With the rising of demand for fossil fuel, prices have risen resulting in higher gas prices.  The switch to a greener planet has automakers planning for the future.  People want socially responsible cars without losing out on the luxuries offered

Jeep Nation

Earlier today I was wondering how much profit can a SUV company make if they send their production overseas.  Turns out that labor costs in China has rose significantly and California production costs are only 10% more. Is it worth it to produce overseas with shipment costs and rising labor costs? I’m starting to think not and

Rising Hybrids in the West Coast

With the advancement of technology, there has been an emergence of a new type of vehicle. A vehicle that offers better gas mileage, and produces 90 percent less emissions than combustion engine vehicles. All of this while giving the driver all of the most up-to- date technology inside the car. With technology advancements every year,