Hasta la Vista, Sports Cars!

Sports cars are an influential part of our society, and innovative automakers have procured a large fan base of lifetime customers.  Many of these people are just car enthusiasts, while others have strong preferences to particular makes and models.  In blogging the past five weeks I have highlighted some of the industry leaders in sports

Weekly Recap

   This week we at Whips and Tips focused on companies that we thought did a stand up job with how they manufacture their vehicles.  Here is the recap of what we thought about vehicle manufacturing. Sydney evaluated Ford’s Rouge plant.  Established in 1917, the Rouge plant is one of the oldest around.  The plant

The Most Iconic Car Manufacturing Plant: The Ford Rouge

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic sports cars in American history, and “The Rouge,” the factory where the car originated, is a model of a well-planned and flawlessly executed manufacturing plant. The Rouge has had its share of tribulations since its creation in 1915, but Henry Ford’s vision has carried through, and