A Bid Adieu To Luxury

I would like to present a “Bid Adieu” to the luxury cars category for the present time.  In the future, I do intend on having many of the fine vehicles that we have discussed here at Whips and Tips.  Besides muscle cars, no other cars touch my heart as dearly as luxury vehicles.  Some of

SUVs and Trucks Are Driving Off

Trucks and SUV’s have come a long way since the origin of the car. Not only in comfort, design, and safety, but most importantly fuel efficiency. It will be interesting to see how long the combustion engine will stick around in the industry. GM: Raising the Standard First and foremost I focused on GM, their

Not Lasting Long Enough? Try a Hybrid

Hybrid cars are changing the way people travel. They can go further and spend less. With the rising of demand for fossil fuel, prices have risen resulting in higher gas prices.  The switch to a greener planet has automakers planning for the future.  People want socially responsible cars without losing out on the luxuries offered

Hasta la Vista, Sports Cars!

Sports cars are an influential part of our society, and innovative automakers have procured a large fan base of lifetime customers.  Many of these people are just car enthusiasts, while others have strong preferences to particular makes and models.  In blogging the past five weeks I have highlighted some of the industry leaders in sports

Safety in the Modern Age

Fuel economy standards are rapidly increasing in the United States. As a result we have to alter the composition of our vehicles toward smaller and lighter bodies. The link between these compositional changes and safety has the potential to dramatically alter the costs of saving gasoline. A new empirical model of accident fatality risks combined